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Driver modem Digi Net Mobil

15 June , 2010

Chiar dacă driverul este pe stick, în memoria lui internă, e bun şi separat. Cei ce folosesc linux-ul ştiu de ce. Dacă nu, or să afle în continuare.

Uitaţi aici link-ul, momentan o să mă folosesc de Dropbox (despre el aici), în viitorul apropiat o să îl gazduiesc eu pe server…

Stick Digi Net Mobil

Acum, cei ce au încercat să folosescă stick-ul pe linux au observat că nu este detectat, asta din cauza cd-rom-ului virtual. Pentru a fi detectat pe linux acesta trebuie dezactivat. Acest lucru este explicat şi în fisierul text din arhiva care conşine driverul.

Paşi sunt urmatorii:

1. Connect your ZTE Modem to the USB port of your computer with hyperterminal on it.
The modem will automatically install the appropriate drivers and launch the User Interface (UI).

2. Determine the COM port of the modem by inspecting the modem properties under Modems in the Device Manager
(do not get confused with ZTE Dianostics Interface or others).

3. Close the UI and open hyperterminal (or equivalent) and connect to the appropriate COM port using these parameters:

Speed: 115200
Data bits: 8
Parity: None
Stop bits: 1
Flow Control: None

4. Input the following command (you may wish to turn on local echo so you can see what you are typing):


You should receive the following back in confirmation:
Close autorun state result(0:FAIL 1:SUCCESS):1

5. Close the hyperterminal connection and unplug the modem.
Your modem is now reconfigured to be plug and play in Ubuntu.

6. Connect you modem to your Ubuntu computer.
In the NetworkManager Applet you should find the option to create a new mobile broadband connection.
Do so with the location and APN appropriate to you ISP.

You should now be able to connect successfully to the internet and your modem should function as a plug and play device in Ubuntu.
This works by disabling the self installation and autorun features which would otherwise cause Ubuntu to detect the modem as a CD-ROM.
If you wish to revert the modem to it’s orginal settings to allow atomatic UI installation on windows PCs the command to do so is:
AT+ZCDRUN=9 (administered by hyperterminal as above)


Copy de driver from de virtual cd-rom before you do the steps above,
if you reinstall your Windows you will need the driver to reinstall de modem and all the other components of the stick.

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